Get Real-Time School Updates on Your Mobile Device

Download the FREE eChalk Notify App

With this new app, you can get updates on emergency notices, school closings, delayed openings and school events right on the screen of your Apple or Android mobile devices.

Parents, guardians, caregivers, emergency caretakers and others can download the Free eChalk Notify app, insert their school or schools’ “Join Code”, and activate the  notifications.  (Each school has its own unique Join Code and you can insert more than one into the app.)

You can download the eChalk Notify App for your mobile device by following this link:

Or you can download the app directly from the Apple or Google Play app store link on your mobile device and use the school "Join Code."

The Academies school "Join Code" is 90Z9OL

Note:  The first "o" in the A@E Join code is a zero.  The second is the capital letter O.